Thursday, 2 February 2012

I remember when libraries were peaceful.

Whilst browsing the Hull Daily Mail website, I encountered an interesting article about children as young as 9 being banned from libraries in East Yorkshire.

It amazed me to find how some of these children behave in public places, swearing at staff members, intimidating & hitting other library users & other acts of anti-social behaviour.

Is it just me who remembers the days when libraries were peaceful places, where people could get lost in a book, or spent a bit of time searching the internet or a book to learn more on a topic?

When I was 9, I was busy having a childhood. If I did attend the local library (which I did, cause I was obsessed with reading) I certainly wasn't running about causing a fuss. Are the parents of these children not ashamed? I know I would be if they were my children. The library definitely isn't a nursery or childcare facility. 

The job of a librarian is to organise books, keep the place tidy & assist users where necessary, not to control unruly children. This type of behaviour, which can be seen in many public places, makes me feel sorry for the teachers who have to try to control these children at school on a daily basis. If your child will harass strangers in a place of silence, what will they do to school property & other children?

It is however good to see that councils are taking steps to tackle such problems, hopefully making the library a pleasant place for other young people & the rest of society!

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