Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Why shouldn't different members of society be encouraged to mix?

After reading an article on the Guardian website recently, this got me thinking, why is there such a divide between generations in the UK?

At present, different generations are separated into different sectors of society based on their interests, most of which are rather stereotypical. For example, most teenagers & young people are only interested in alcohol, fashion, the internet & gaming. Whilst the elderly are associated with classical music, quiz shows, period dramas & theatre productions. But is this really the case? Or are these stereotypes outdated?

Why should people with boobs have such limited choice in bras?

Whilst shopping in 'The Trafford Centre' earlier today, it came to my attention that popular underwear retailer 'La Senza' no longer stock bras over the cup size DD.

After going into administration in January this year, the chain was taken over by the Canadian La Senza. A move which has seen the stock in the UK match that offered across the water. 

Undercover Boss.

Flicking through the freeview channels at midnight on Friday morning  whilst tucked up in my cosy hotel bed, I found one of the most interesting programmes I've watched in a while.

On Channel 4, I saw my first episode of new documentary undercover boss. A documentary where the executives of some of Britains companies go undercover to work in their own shops, clubs, etc. However, the people they work with during their time there, are completely unaware that their latest recruit is actually their boss from head office.