Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Why should people with boobs have such limited choice in bras?

Whilst shopping in 'The Trafford Centre' earlier today, it came to my attention that popular underwear retailer 'La Senza' no longer stock bras over the cup size DD.

After going into administration in January this year, the chain was taken over by the Canadian La Senza. A move which has seen the stock in the UK match that offered across the water. 

The decision to stop bras at a DD is one many women, myself included, will be gutted to hear. With a lack of shops on our high streets offering plus size bra ranges at affordable prices, La Senza offered a modern range of underwear appealing to women of all ages, shapes & most importantly, sizes. 

As someone who requires a bigger cup size than that now sold by what used to be my favourite underwear retailer, I was faced with the struggle that came with trying to find bras available in my size, that fitted my price range & weren't old fashioned or nunty. It was also one of the small number of shops selling strapless & multi-way bras, the lack of them available you'd think we weren't supposed to wear strapless, crossover backed or halterneck clothes! The search was difficult with very few stores stocking plus size ranges, especially in the smaller back sizes!

I think the decision to cut the ranges available to women is a poor one, forcing customers to shop elsewhere will only cause the business to lose more money & dent their previously good reputation.

In an age where people are getting bigger & women are paying thousands of pounds to increase their breast size, it seems bizarre that shops aren't taking advantage of these trends. It would also seem that women who are naturally above a DD are almost being punished for having the body they were born with, yet reductions are rarely available on the NHS. Bras up to a D cup are available just about everywhere, with so many shops selling beautiful bras at amazing prices, that many women cannot buy because they, not necessarily by choice, are blessed (or it feels more like cursed) with having bigger boobs than retailers account for.

This problem is echoed when it comes to buy tops & dresses too, needing a bigger size to fit around the top, then finding the item too big & baggy everywhere else, with bigger arm holes, making all shopping difficult.

To still have this lack of choice in 2012 is ridiculous, more shops should cater for bigger sizes & at more reasonable prices than those charged everywhere at present, having big boobs doesn't mean a plain white bra is all people want, we still want the coloured, patterned & lacy bras worn by everyone else. Hopefully things will change soon!

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