Sunday, 22 April 2012

Does money really bring happiness?

So, tomorrow brings the final installment of my first years student finance. This got me thinking, does money really make happiness?

I mean I welcome this money with open arms, it'll give me back the freedom to shop, go out for tea, go to the cinema, the pub or on that night out we've been planning for weeks. But does any of this really matter? Are people too materialistic in the modern day?

Last month, in a bid to increase tourism in Lincolnshire, Lincolns famous castle and cathedral were opened up to the public free of charge, this was accompanied by a lovely continental market at the top of Steep Hill, recently named as Britains best street. So being students running low on money, we decided to pay these attractions a visit instead of staying cooped up indoors nursing Friday nights hangover.

It was a beautiful day, and barely awake, a few of us staggered up steep hill, wondering at what point this had seemed a good idea. Once there it all became worth it, we spent hours roaming the castle grounds, walking around the castle walls taking photographs of the views & each other as we had a girly afternoon out. This was followed by a walk around the cathedral, which can only be described as a stunningly beautiful building, the level of detail in its architecture is amazing when you consider the lack of equipment available at the time it was built. Overall it was a good day out & laugh, that cost nothing except the two or three pounds spent on a drink & food at the uni pub afterwards.

On a nice day, I love nothing more than going for a nice long walk in the sunshine, taking only a drink and a packet of crisps along with me, these are the days when most memories are created. Sat around on a piece of grass giggling and taking photos. Even when the weathers horrible we'll all take some food to one persons flat, then cook and eat it together almost like a family, still getting the social element of a meal out or visit to the pub. We've even been known to spend a pound or two on baking ingredients and spent the day making buns and scones.

As much as money is needed to pay for food, bills and all the rest, I'm probably at my happiest when I have very little money, it requires so much more creativity to make the money last. Yes that new handbag or pair of shoes will put a smile on my face, but so will the memories created during a day spent doing things I love with friends and family.

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