Saturday, 24 March 2012


This week marked me being at university for a whole six months, potentially the most life changing months ever and they've passed so quickly. 

Since September, I've proved to myself that I can live alone & manage my money, realised I now know the meaning of missing people, met some really amazing people & learnt a lot about myself. I've definitely grown up a lot.

It's hard to believe that 7/8 years ago I wouldn't do anything on my own & was scared of my own shadow, now I've spent a year in a different city, in my own studio flat, miles away from everything I'm used to. I'm quite glad I picked a studio, the decision was purely to prove a point to myself that I could live entirely on my own - cook, clean & look after myself. Obviously with a few 'how do i do this?' & 'can this bowl go in the dishwasher?' calls to the mother. 

My first year of uni just wouldn't have been the same without the people I've met, not even sure how I met some of them, but they've probably made this year a lot more interesting! I already knew a few people, so it's lovely to still spend time with people I've known for years, alongside those I've known for a matter of months.

All in all the last six months, although probably not the easiest, have been amazing, this time last year I wasn't over keen on the thought of going to uni, but I'm definitely glad I changed my mind, just wish it wasn't passing so fast!

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