Sunday, 20 May 2012

Revision time!

As exam season is well underway, like many other students, I'm spending my days (and nights) revising.

I've learnt whilst trying to revise that there are so many different revision techniques! Since I spent my two years at college studying towards a BTEC, I've not taken an exam since my GCSE's when I was 15. This lack of exam practice has left me wondering where to begin when it comes to revising politics and law, it would appear I've forgotten how to revise effectively! 

After spending about 45 minutes planning my revision methods, the distractions began to set in... Revising at the dining table probably wasn't the best idea in the world, my ability to see the fridge & hear the television on in the next room made me unable to concentrate. When revising, food is probably my biggest weakness! I'll have little breaks to make toast & coffee... Rapidly followed by a kit kat and glass of fruit juice, then crisps, ice cream, chocolate, scones - basically anything I can get my hands on to make the experience more exciting and interesting!

With exams in just over a weeks time, hopefully the snacky foods will have ran out so I can focus on revision & do well! Now back to the law text books...

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