Friday, 1 June 2012

Not so sunny Skegness!

Yesterday saw myself and seven friends take a day out to Skegness, a popular Lincolnshire seaside resort.

After months of planning we arose bright and early in time to catch our 10am bus, the typical British summer  made an appearance making the day a very very wet one at that! But we were determined to not let the weather dampen our moods!

Two hours later we arrived in a cold and wet Skegness, which made us drop plans of fish and chips on the sea front in favour of a trip to Little Frankies, a variation of larger restaurant chain Frankie & Bennys. After a lovely meal and the struggle to split the bill eight ways, we headed back out into the rain to brave the walk across the beach.

Passing all the delicious looking food stalls on the front selling seaside favourites such as ice creams, slush puppies and doughnuts! Our beach plans were also spoiled due to the horrible weather which saw me wear a bright red pac-a-mac (from River Island, before I sound like a nerd).

After a short walk along the front we decided it was probably for the best that we spent some time indoors, this being in the form of amusement arcades! Where we spent a lot of time (and money) trying to win cuddly meerkats, me to you bears and various other things we didn't really need!

My favourite thing has to be the 2p machine, nothing screams seaside amusements more than 2 shelves of the copper I spend all year trying to get rid of/avoid. One of which slowly moves backwards and forwards meaning precise timing is required when it comes to adding your shrapnel to the collection! This of course is to win a pointless and often rather tacky toy/object  or a selection of 2 pence pieces to refill the purse you've been desperately trying to rid of copper for so long!

After spending the contents of our coin purses in the amusements, we headed back towards the centre of Skegness to visit the small shopping centre and a local pet shop, a trip to Home Bargains was in order to gather cheap food and drink for the journey home!

Typically as we boarded the bus, the clouds disappeared making way for the sun we'd spent all day longing for! Eventually we arrived back in Lincoln after a very fun outing and the perfect way to celebrate what was the last day in Lincoln for many of us!

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