Wednesday, 13 June 2012

End of an era

This weekend saw the final episode of Desperate Housewives being aired in the UK. (If you don't want any plots to be spoiled, I'd advise that you stop reading now!)

After eight successful seasons, creater Marc Cherry brought life on Wisteria Lane to an end. Tying up the loose ends of the storylines from this series and explaining what happened to our four favourite ladies (Gabrielle, Bree, Susan and Lynette) and their families after life on the lane!

I began watching this exciting American drama during series two or three, ever since, myself and my mum have sat down with a baileys coffee (all stemming from when Baileys was the sponsor!) to watch life in Fairview unfold.

Over the years I've shed many a tear whilst watching the housewives through their break-Ups, make-Ups, births, marriages, deaths and illnesses. My favourite episode in each series without a doubt is the one that follows the death of an important or well loved character. The week after, in what is usually the funeral episode, each lady reflects on life with the deceased, it always proves to be a sad episode, filled with memories that avid watchers will remember. Memorable deaths being those of Edie Britt and Mike Delfino, one of the best flashback episodes following everyones connection to a workman who died on the roof!

Every fan of the series had a favourite character, mine being Gabrielle Solis, I always loved her wardrobe and fashion sense, her style was always amazing and she said some of the funniest things! Although I did love each character for a different reason.

On Sunday night, at 10pm, me and my mum sat down for the final time, with our special coffee and box of tissues which over the years had become tradition and standard procedure, to tune into E4 for one last, very emotional hour of our favourite show. An extremely sad episode in which one of the lanes most loved residents, Karen McCluskey died of cancer, newby Renee married Australian hunk Ben and where Susans daughter Julie who viewers have seen grow up throughout the years have a baby girl of her own.  As well as the return of Katherine Mayfair who left in a previous series! I felt the need to watch the episode again, purely because I refused to accept that after so many years it had all come to an end. Goodbye ladies, you will be missed!

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