Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My eBay bargain

I've recently rediscovered the wonder that is eBay, the popular online auction site used by many to sell the goods they no longer like, need or want.

This all began after purchasing some pale green shoes (chartreuse to be precise) for a wedding I'm attending at the end of the month. Finding green shoes was the easy part, next came the hunt for a matching bag, after trawling the websites of every fashion and accessories retailer I could think of, it suddenly dawned on me that someone somewhere must be selling a bag that would suit my needs?

After searching for green and yellow clutch/evening bags i  was delighted to see hundreds of results matching the search criteria! A couple of pages in i noticed the perfect bag, green with a diamante circle in the centre... For a measly £2.99 starting price and free delivery! I decided to read on, a Jasper Conran clutch in chartreuse? Perfect!

After 9 days of closely watching this item, it remained bidless, until two hours before the end time when two other eBay users decided to place their bids, me and my mum spent ages planning our maximum bid price and ensuring the bid was perfectly timed. Following an intense half an hour of refreshing the page constantly to see if we were still winning, we were pleased to see the notice saying we were now the owner of the perfect accessory!

4 days later I received a gorgeous bag that goes perfect with my shoes! I would definitely recommend eBay to anyone who can't find that perfect item they've been wanting for so long, afterall, one mans trash is another mans treasure!

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