Sunday, 3 June 2012

Rediscovered my inner child...

To celebrate the end of exams & our first year of uni, me & some friends visited Play Zone - a childrens soft play centre which is around 20 minutes walk from our university halls. 

This turned out to be a highlight of the year! After arriving half an hour before opening time & being overly excited by the thought of 2 hours playing on slides & climbing frames, the doors were finally opened for the students of Lincoln & we couldn't get our belongings into lockers quick enough!

The atmosphere inside was exactly as I remember from when I was a child, people running around playing hide & seek, screaming & shouting of their friends whilst hearing the voices of those who'd opted to sit at the side with a drink... The only difference being everyone in the place was over the age of 16. Everyone was getting so fussy whilst discovering the different equipment & its uses, whilst at the same time making sure they didn't miss a thing out! 

After an hour or so of playing hide & seek & generally acting like a 7 year old again, we headed down to the cafe area to buy a slush puppie - something no visit to Play Zone would be right without! Whilst sat around trying to drink it quickly so we could go back on the slides, we wondered how we'd ever managed to spend so many hours running around without a break! 

When it came to 9.30, I didn't want to leave, despite how tired I was from all the running around. The visit was definitely well worth my £5 & must be so much more effective & fun than any gym work out, especially when I consider the aching that stayed with me for 3 days afterwards!

Whoever decided to open this place up to adults is definitely a genius!

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