Monday, 5 March 2012

Oversized baby look? I don't think so...

So, last night, when I ventured out to McDonalds (my second home) for a nearly midnight snack, I entered to find people sat around in 'onesies' & a lad casually trotting about wearing a 'snuggie'...(had I realised this was allowed, I wouldn't have changed from my bright pink cow print jamas & massive slipper boots!) I'm sorry, but I didn't realise these were items I could walk to a fast food establishment in, even at 11pm, it still shouldn't be socially acceptable.

I really don't see what's so appealing about wearing an all in one suit, which usually has some horrible pattern on & is made from the awful material that I don't like the feel of. In my opinion, nobody over the age of 3 can get away with wearing a baby grow, the common thing I hear from onesie wearers is 'but they're comfy'. Many outfits are comfy (including my current joggers/vest top/hoodie combination) but I still wouldn't be seen dead in it. 

The other thing I really don't understand is the 'snuggie' or 'slanket'. The blanket with sleeves - essentially a backwards dressing gown. I can think of no moment in my 18 & a half years of life where I've found myself thinking how much better life would be if I could have a blanket with arms & a pocket on my chest to put the tv control in. Why you would wear such a thing to go out in public I don't know, it's definitely something I can't get my head around! I was amazed to find you can get twin snuggies - a blanket with two sets of sleeves so couples can snuggle up together... What was ever wrong with an ordinary blanket or duvet?

Not sure if I'm just being really old-fashioned, but what happened to the days where people took pride in their appearance? Definitely a time & a place for pjs, onesies & snuggies.

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