Tuesday, 13 March 2012

School days, are they all they're hyped up to be?

So, earlier today someone posted a Facebook status about how much they miss school, which got me thinking, are they really the best days of your life?

Do I really miss getting up at 7.20am, making myself presentable followed by a 15 minute walk to school, which once I got there consisted of 20 minutes in a glorified portacabin then 6 hours of lessons & a grand total of 1 hour in breaks, before another 15 minute walk (often in the cold/rain)? Answer is, probably not. 

We were made to learn all sorts of stuff I had no interest in, I was only truly interested in media studies, English, IT & history. Then there was maths, where we learnt a lot of stuff I can't actually remember, the majority of it hasn't been used in the 3 years since I left in all fairness. 

By far my least favourite two subjects were P.E & R.E. As someone who has no interest in religion whatsoever, this was an hour I saw to be a waste of time, I eventually lost count of the number of times we watched 'Schindlers List' & 'The Pianist'. Not that I have anything against either film, they're just not as good when watching for the 10th time in probably as many weeks! And as for P.E, well it was most definitely NEVER my strong point. I was the person who couldn't catch the ball in rounders & despised cross country, whilst the rest of the group seemed to treat it deadly serious, like they were in the olympics.

The best thing about the place was probably a small handful of the people & getting to visit chip shop on a daily basis for my pattie butty! 

All in all, I think I enjoyed college a lot more & have learnt that people at college & uni are far less judgmental, not paying as much attention to the little insignificant things & basing their first impressions around whether they'll talk to you. So no, in my opinion school was probably not 'the best days of my life'!

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