Thursday, 8 March 2012

Breadcakes, Buns, Patties & Chip Spice!

Until I came to uni last September, I hadn't realised how many words used in everyday life were unique to where I'm from!  Being from Yorkshire, more specifically East Yorkshire, I use an awful lot of words & phrases which it seems the majority of my uni friends don't understand.

My first encounter of this was mentioning 'breadcakes', my new circle of friends looked at me like I was from a different planet, no one entirely sure what was meant by this. I have since found that it's very rare for people to agree on the name of the round bread commonly used for burgers! 

I've since received the same bemused look when mentioning 'buns', apparently outside of Yorkshire, these are 'fairycakes' & a bun is bread - something I cannot get my head around!

Another thing I've learnt, is that we have our own special foods that no one else knows about! Despite knowing this all my life, I was even more amazed when I realised it's actually true. Chip spice is something I've introduced to people who I go to uni with, so much so that everytime I go home I return with numerous tubs for friends! Although it's called 'American Chip Spice', no one knows about it, in my opinion, the rest of the country are missing out, it's definitely beautiful & goes with anything!

The unique food I miss the most though is the 'Pattie' - a circle of mashed potato & sage that's been deep fried, it really is underrated, again, only available in the East Riding. It definitely reminds me of growing up & eating them most days for lunch whilst at secondary school! Everytime I go back up North, I have to pay the local chippy a special visit for my 'pattie in a breadcake' which I then cover in chip spice!

I definitely love having special foods which seem so secret!

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